Shows and exhibitions


>„Mbok’Elengi“, Mukenge/Schellhammer feat. Pigeon de la Terre and Beauté Sauvage, Painting, installation and Performance in the framework of Yango Biennale de Kinshasa (RDC)

>Showing artists and curators of the virtual exhibition „Fiction is never innocent“ at Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin (DE)

>„Your exoticism is my daily bread“, experimental video feat. Harmonie Eley, Pasquien alias Choco, Maitre Claude, screening at Gloria Kino in the framework of Lumbung film by Centre d’art Waza, Documenta fifteen, Kassel (DE)

> Solo Show „Pool Malebo“ at ifa Gallery Stuttgart, (DE)

> Showing artists and curators of Laboratoire Kontempo Kinzonzi – collaborative multimedia exhibition at Haus der Statistik and Acud Galerie, Berlin, (DE)

> Showing artists and curators of Laboratoire Kontempo, „Kinzonzi 2.0“, exhibition, talks and exchange, online


> Screening of our film „Your exoticism is my daily bread“ @Guggenheim Museum, New York: March 19–September 6, 2021, Re/Projections: Video, Film, and Performance for the Rotunda, invited by Christian Nyampeta (US)

> Showing artists and curators of Laboratoire Kontempo Kinzonzi, collaborative multimedia exhibition at the National Museum of Kinshasa (RDC)

> Preselected artists for the Ashurst Emerging Artists price, exhibition with all preselected artists in the Ashurst Gallery, London (E)

> Solo – Exhibition „Exotic Brain Holiday“ at Galerie Oberwelt, Stuttgart (DE)

>„Sturmtief O’Hara“, la Fleur collectiv, Theater Oberhausen (DE)

> Showing artists and curators of Exhibition „Fiction might be speculative and inspire particular developpments“ at ArtClub Augsburg (DE)


>Video animation featured in „Boda Boda lounge“ : Cross-continental digital, multimedia and video art festival that will feature in over 20 spaces throughout Africa (AFRICA)

>Guests at Spam 3″, a Radio program of undesired-desired messages, Acud macht neu, Berlin (DE)

>„Laboratoire Kontempo 2020, A dialogue between visual art, critical theory and everyday life, virtual exhibition, Kinshasa (RDC)

>Video-installation „Your exoticism is my daily bread“, qp Quartiers-Parcours, Art3Kultur, Augsburg (DE)        

>Scenography for Nana kriegt keine Pocken, collective la Fleur, Theater Bremen, La Commune, Paris (FR)

>Curators for „Popular Images, Congolese perspectives, urban scenes and global networks“, Erlangen International Comic-Salon (DE)


>“Laboratoire Kontempo A dialogue between visual art, critical theory and everyday life, Plateforme Contemporain/Aw’art/DoubleVision, Kinshasa Bandal  (RDC)                

>Freiheit – Grenzenlos frei? group Exhibition, Galerie Noah  (DE)                                

>Scenography for “Nana ou est-ce que tu connais le baras”, MC93Paris, Theater Bremen, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart (DE)    >“Komplexé„, Exhibition, Institut Francais, Kinshasa (RDC)                                                   

>Körper als Unternehmen“, live Performance collectiv la Fleur, Kampnagel, Hamburg  (DE)

>The Institute for Unforeseen Collaboration, Guest Performace, Gintersdorfer/Klaßen, Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)                                                                        

>„Mikiliste, Performance, Art3 Kultursalon, Textilmuseum Augsburg (DE)
>Was Brecht mit BlingBling zu tun hat, Performance, Brechtfestival Augsburg (DE)
>Urban Museum, Kinshasa, supported by the Swiss Embassy Kinshasa, Goethe Institut (RDC)

>Skulpturprojekte Münster: Erniedrigung ist nicht das Ende der Welt, mit Gintersdorfer/Klaßen (DE)
>Exorzismus: Dekonstruktion der Besessenheit, Installation+Performance, Theater Augsburg (DE)
>Artist in Residency, GrandHotel Cosmopolis, Augsburg (DE)
>Dialog Direkt Kinshasa-Berlin<, Gintersdorfer.Klaßen, HAU 2, Berlin (DE)
>KinARTCombine< Exhibition, Performance, Musée de l’art contemporain, Kinshasa (RDC)
>Dialog Direkt Kinshasa-Berlin<, Gintersdorfer.Klaßen, DoubleVision, Kinshasa (RDC)

>Yaka Totala< Urbain Museum Kinshasa, supported by Goethe Institut Kinhsasa (RDC)
>>Ateliers ouverte<< Urbain Museum Lingwala, Exhibition supported by Goethe Institut Kinshasa (RDC)
>>Dialog direkt Berlin – Kinshasa<< by Gintersdorfer/Klasen, Berlin, Hau 2 (DE)
>Mbongwana, Exhibition and Performance, Grand-Hotel Cosmopolis, Augsburg (DE)