Shows and exhibitions


> Screening of our film „Your exoticism is my daily bread“ @Guggenheim Museum, New York: March 19–September 6, 2021, Re/Projections: Video, Film, and Performance for the Rotunda (US)

> Preselected artists for the Ashurst Emerging Artists price, exhibition with all preselected artists in the Ashurst Gallery, London (E)

> Exhibition „Exotic Brain Holiday“ at Galerie Oberwelt, Stuttgart (DE)

>„Sturmtief O’Hara“, la Fleur collectiv,  FleurTheater Oberhausen (DE)

> Exhibition „Fiction might be speculative and inspire particular developpments“ at ArtClub Augsburg


>Video animation featured in „Boda Boda lounge“ : Cross-continental digital, multimedia and video art festival that will feature in over 20 spaces throughout Africa

>Guests at Spam 3″, a Radio program of undesired-desired messages, Acud macht neu, Berlin

>„Laboratoire Kontempo 2020, A dialogue between visual art, critical theory and everyday life, virtual exhibition, Kinshasa

>Video-installation „Your exoticism is my daily bread“, qp Quartiers-Parcours, Art3Kultur, Augsburg               

>Scenography for Nana kriegt keine Pocken, collective la Fleur, Theater Bremen, La Commune, Paris

>Curators for „Popular Images, Congolese perspectives, urban scenes and global networks“, Erlangen International Comic-Salon


>„Laboratoire Kontempo A dialogue between visual art, critical theory and everyday life, Plateforme Contemporain/Aw’art/DoubleVision, Kinshasa Bandal                             >Freiheit – Grenzenlos frei? group Exhibition, Galerie Noah                                      >Scenography for “Nana ou est-ce que tu connais le baras”, MC93Paris, Theater Bremen, Theater Rampe, Stuttgart                                                                                   >Komplexé„, Exhibition, Institut Francais, Kinshasa                                                      >Körper als Unternehmen“, live Performance collectiv la Fleur, Kampnagel, Hamburg   >The Institute for Unforeseen Collaboration, Guest Performace, Gintersdorfer/Klaßen, Kampnagel,Hamburg                                                                                                                                                                            

>„Mikiliste, Performance, Art3 Kultursalon, Textilmuseum Augsburg
>Was Brecht mit BlingBling zu tun hat, Performance, Brechtfestival Augsburg
>Urban Museum, Kinshasa, supported by the Swiss Embassy Kinshasa, Goethe Institut

>Skulpturprojekte Münster: Erniedrigung ist nicht das Ende der Welt, mit Gintersdorfer/Klaßen
>Exorzismus: Dekonstruktion der Besessenheit, Installation+Performance, Theater Augsburg
>Artist in Residency, GrandHotel Cosmopolis, Augsburg
>Dialog Direkt Kinshasa-Berlin<, Gintersdorfer.Klaßen, HAU 2, Berlin
>KinARTCombine< Exhibition, Performance, Musée de l’art contemporain, Kinshasa
>Dialog Direkt Kinshasa-Berlin<, Gintersdorfer.Klaßen, DoubleVision, Kinshasa

>Yaka Totala< Urbain Museum Kinshasa, supported by Goethe Institut Kinhsasa
>>Ateliers ouverte<< Urbain Museum Lingwala, Exhibition supported by Goethe Institut Kinshasa
>>Dialog direkt Berlin – Kinshasa<< by Gintersdorfer/Klasen, Berlin, Hau 2
>Mbongwana, Exhibition and Performance, Grand-Hotel Cosmopolis, Augsburg