Gestural living

Multifunctional paintings / moving sculpture

The duo Mukenge/Schellhammer live and work between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Europe and thus regularly expose themselves to confrontational situations between social systems, cultural and economic spaces. Bertolt Brecht also lived „changing countries more often than shoes“. This has shaped his artistic work: it is based on the experiences of an existence between exile, transit, the foreign and a concept of home that has become foreign. From this position, he develops a gestural practice that constantly adapts to foreign times and spaces. The project „Gestisch leben“ explores the mobile form of life, hybrid identity and the transcultural play between the foreign and the own.
It is part of the work series „Stretching the notion of painting“, which seeks to expand the understanding of painting. The predominant, Eurocentric media logic of conservation, recording and archiving is countered by a performative, situational approach to the material. Performers are invited to change the paintings through (body) movement and transform them into dynamic, dialogical, three-dimensional elements. The result is a moving sculpture that shifts and is deformed by external influences. The sculpture is also a visualisation of perspectives that can be relativised, the distortions of identities through the foreign gaze and the construction of alterity.

Guests: Romeo Logossou alias Rawcity (Augsburg), Johanna Walleser (Augsburg) Max Kretschmann (München)
On 10.02.2023 in the Golden Hall, during the parade and in Brecht’s room

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