In the framework of Yango Biennale de Kinshasa

Mobile Photo Studio: MBOK’ELENGI is an interactive installation composed of paintings and accessories. As a temporary urban intervention, it invites visitors* to interact with the paintings: those who wish to do so can pose in front of the paintings and have their picture taken. The result is a direct dialogue between the painting and the public.
MBOK’ELENGI is part of the series of works „Stretching the Notion of Painting“:
In Kinshasa, we experience painting as a temporary medium. Materials such as fabric and paint decay after a short time due to the tropical climate and there are not many well-tempered museums, workshops or cultural centers that could store artworks. The academic practice of preservation, in and through art, corresponds to a more performative and situational approach to the material; the dominant media logic of recording and storage is opposed by a media logic of the ephemeral and the variable. In our project „Stretching the Notion of Painting“, we want to combine these contrasting approaches to challenge the classical idea of painting.

*MBOKA ELENGI – Place of Joy

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