Hunting fever

Performative Installation that combines analogue and digital 3D painting, experimental video and discours, 40 min

12 – 14.05.2023, Internationales Figuren.Theater.Festival, Hugenottenplatz, Erlangen

“As the white man came across the sea, river or ocean, there were rumors that he was a sea animal that, after years of solitude and physical decay, had decided to rise out of the water in search of a better life on earth.” (Fiston Mwanza Mujila in “Dance of the Devil”)

The project “Jagdfieber” (Hunting Fever) by the Congolese-German artist duo Mukenge/Schellhammer and the Congolese artist Prisca Tankwey was conceived especially for the 23rd international To this end, the three artists embark on a visual journey between cultural spaces, between past, present and future. Pictures pass by along the way, scraps of conversation, acquaintances and impressions form into a fictional collage of reality. Leopard people undermine the Belgian colonial system through targeted killings; today, the leopard print is a continuation of the symbolic representation of power in Kinshasa and at the same time known as the largest case of cultural appropriation in Germany.

“Jagdfieber” is an experimental work that combines digital and analog painting, video and performance. Based on Fiston Mwanza Mujila’s novel “Dance of the Devil”, inspired by popular culture from Germany and the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as historical research, visual narratives are created that are based on the artists’ own, radically subjective experience on the one hand, and on collective narratives and stories on the other. In this mixture of truths and myths, the impact of major issues of our time such as post-colonialism, globalization and culture clashes on real life become visible.

Mukenge/Schellhammer with Prisca Tankwey

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